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Tree Services Near Me in Toronto

This is the biggest and most comprehensive list of tree services near me, arborists near me and all the tree companies, professional arborists and others operating in the City of Toronto. As we identify more companies, we’ll keep adding them. It can be very frustrating to find an arborist nearby, especially a company with good reviews and reputation.

A few other sites list companies, like arborists on Homestars – but these companies pay to be listed. Many people think sites like Homestars verify their companies for things like insurance and certification. They don’t.

This is a list of companies we’ve met, worked with or know of in the industry and who are likely to have insurance and training. They may be members of the OCAA or ISA Ontario, or employee  That is not a guarantee! Do your research. If the company is not listed in the tree service near me with insurance section, we may not know them or have been able to verify the details. If you don’t see your tree company here, drop us a line with proof of your experience and insurance coverage. We’ll add you as long as we can verify you’re a legitimate company with no serious issues.

Google these arborist company names to find different options for free quotes around the city. In future, we may try to divide them into the old boroughs like North York arborists or Etobicoke tree services so check back for updates to this list. If you’re just want a quick answer on who is the best tree service in Toronto… check out our top arborist companies post, or best smaller local arborists article.

Certified and Insured Tree Services Near Me in Toronto

This is in no particular order! We’ve added their focus neighbourhoods or areas if they have them. These are arborists and tree services that will come up when you search for tree service near me or arborist near me or for tree companies in Toronto.

This is the biggest / only list that we’re aware of that covers current tree companies working in the city. There are also a number of landscaping companies that dabble in tree work, and a number of consulting arborists that provide no direct tree labour but do arborist reports and consulting. We will be creating a separate blog post to cover over them too in the near future.

Professional Arborists Near Me in Toronto

  • Forest Hill Forestry: Well known Forest Hill arborist, serving surrounding areas
  • Elite Tree Care: Top tree service in Leaside, serving all of Toronto
  • Evergreen Tree Care: Reputable tree company located in the east end, serving the whole city
  • Four Seasons: Tree service located in Stouffville but serves some areas of Toronto like midtown
  • Shady Lane: Arborists located in Newmarket, serves some clients in Rosedale and neighbouring areas
  • BirchCliff Tree Care: Certified arborists in Birchcliff, specializing in serving that neighbourhood as well as Cliffside and Cliffcrest
  • Ontario Line Clearing: Large company, primarily commercial outfit providing some residential care
  • Asplundh: Large arborist company primarily contracting to city but provides some residential care
  • Davey Tree: Multinational company, many commercial crews, mostly providing tree removal in Toronto
  • Cardinal Tree Care: Located in central Toronto and serving the whole city
  • Toronto Tree Guys: Arborist in Cliffcrest, serving east end, Scarborough
  • Tree Doctors: Etobicoke arborists serving all of Toronto
  • Arbor Rescue: serving Toronto and area
  • Van Dyke’s: Tree experts working in Toronto
  • Proforestree: Tree experts in the Beaches and east end
  • Bartlett Tree Experts: Multinational company that works across Toronto and specializing in Rosedale, Willowdale, Bayview, Lawrence Park, Sherwood Park, Moore Park, Forest Hill, Bridle Path
  • Heritage Tree Care: Top rated arborist in Parkdale and High Park serving mostly west end Toronto
  • Greenwood Tree Care: Tiny company located in east end, serving Leslieville and Riverdale primarily
  • Rockwood: Located in Durham, working in Scarborough
  • Cohen and Master Tree and Shrub Care: Full-service tree care across the city of Toronto
  • Bruce Tree: Closed!
  • Twelve Oaks Tree Service: Toronto-based company with full tree services
  • Ashley’s: Located in north Toronto
  • Central Tree Care: Like the name suggests, centrally located tree company
  • Hudson Tree: West end tree company
  • The Real Tree Masters: East end tree services
  • Ontree: Scarborough arborist company
  • Vista Tree Management: That’s us!
  • Toronto Tree Removal :Centrally located tree company
  • Jack of all Trees: West end tree service
  • Kelley’s Tree: Closed!
  • Local Arborist: Serves most or all of Toronto
  • Dreamworks Tree Services: Local arborists in the city
  • Tree and Ravine Inc.: Certified Arborist services
  • Rooted Tree ServicesL Arborists from Etobicoke, serving the city of Toronto
  • Mikey’s Tree Care: Serves entire city with a lot of work in Scarborough
  • Skene’s Tree Care: West end arborist
  • Perry Rose Tree Care: Arborists serving Toronto area

Certified and Insured Arborist Near Me in the GTA (outside Toronto)

These are companies we are actively familiar with and recommend to when the work requested is outside of our service area.

Tree Services Near Me in the GTA

  • Maple Hill Tree Services: Mississauaga, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton
  • Arborwood: Smith Falls and Hamilton Area
  • Stewart Tree Services: Durham region tree company
  • Beechwood: Mississauaga, Brampton and area

Other Tree Companies We Can’t Verify

These companies may be certified and insured, but we don’t have any personal experience with them. They are located in Toronto, so if you search arborist near me or tree service near me you’re going to have them pop up.

  • Eastern Tree Services
  • Professional Tree Services
  • Elevation Tree Care
  • CBL Tree Service
  • Toronto Tree Experts
  • Five Star Tree Care
  • Able Tree
  • Everest Tree Care
  • Lakeside Tree Service
  • Arborist Pro Toronto
  • Goodwood
  • Scarborough Tree Care
  • White Glove Tree Service
  • Trade Winds Tree Care
  • Tree Pros
  • Forestwood Tree
  • The Tree Guys
  • Even Cut Ltd
  • Lucky Tree Services
  • DM Tree Services
  • Toronto Tree Services
  • Uproot Tree Services
  • Vaughan Tree Care
  • Grey’s Tree Service
  • Edwards Tree Service
  • Alexander Tree Care
  • Pro Climb Tree Service
  • Amazing Tree Service
  • Upanoak
  • Jacob Tree Service
  • Mr. Tree Man
  • Majestic Maple Tree Service and Property Maintenance
  • We Care Tree Care
  • Castor Tree Care
  • CB Trees
  • All Season Tree Care
  • Powell Tree Care
  • Karma Tree
  • Man with an Axe
  • Sherwood Maintenance Group
  • Any Height Tree Service
  • Bright Leaf
  • Tree Care Specialists
  • Quality 1 Tree Care
  • Greenbloom
  • Mr. Tree Care
  • Al Miley
  • Lumberzacks
  • HLH Tree Experts
  • Allan’s Tree Service
  • Ron’s Tree Service
  • Tall Pines Tree Care
  • GTA Tree Services

Other Info on the Price of Tree Services and How to Get a Quote

We have a lot of great guides on the price of big tree removal, cost of small tree removal, hedge trimming prices and what you can expect to pay for tree trimming

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