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Vista Tree Management is the top Toronto tree service, delivering exceptional work by Certified Arborists. We don’t just care for trees, we manage them to make nature work for you – whatever your vision. 


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Vista Tree has quick response times, clear quotes and guaranteed delivery. We’re Certified Arborists, who are as passionate about customer service as we are about tree service! 

Tree Service Experts

We remove trees and shrubs both large and small on properties throughout Toronto and the GTA. When there is no other option but removing your tree or shrub, our licensed, insured and certified arborists can help cut down and remove your tree. 

You may have a large maple to remove, or a small euonymus – or something in between. We remove large trees, small trees and all sizes of woody shrubs safely and efficiently. 

Learn more about Toronto tree removal or check out our pages on Small tree removal costs and Large tree removal costs.

Tree PruningHedge trimming and hedge repair is one of our favourite tree care services. We can improve the appearance, shape and health of your cedar hedges, boxwood, yew beech and more! We maintain existing hedges and expertly treat damaged hedges and shrubs.

We specialize in what we like to call “hedge renovation” which involves meticulously clean out, wiring, trimming and shaping to improve the appearance, health and longevity of prized and feature hedges. If you’ve been having your hedges get “haircut” for awhile but haven’t had them thoroughly worked on, a hedge renovation may spare you the heartache of an unhealthy or dying hedge. 

You can learn more about hedge trimming in Toronto, or read about the cost of hedge trimming here. 

Your tree may need a trim if your tree has a lot of deadwood, has grown too large, is damaging your roof or house, or its health is poor. Whatever the reason for the pruning, we’re experts in tree science and tree maintenance to clean your property clean and safe.

Having a professional tree company prune your large or small trees is an investment in the health of the tree, your safety, and a “hedge” against future costs. Trees that are properly maintained are safer, less prone to costly storm damage or failure and an aesthetic investment in your property.

You can read more about large and small tree trimming on our tree services page. We also have information about the cost of tree pruning available in our tree care cost section.

Whether you need them for construction tree removal or a regular city tree permit, we provide certified arborist reports written by leading municipal experts in tree care to ensure your application is approved and goes to plan. Residential, commercial and ravine arborist reports are available in short order, to ensure your timeline stays on track.

Emergency and storm damage tree care can be challenging and dangerous. When a tree branch falls on your house, a tree falls over in your backyard or some other calamity strikes, you want to be assured you’ll be taken care of quickly and professionally. Our tree experts are highly skilled in technical rigging and removals, tree removals by crane, and pruning a tree before or after a storm to minimize damage. 

You can access emergency services by calling us at 416-757-0505 or emailing info@vistatree.ca

Removing dead trees from your property will increase your safety, reduce your liability and make a dramatic aesthetic improvement. Dead tree removal is not easy, but we can help get your job done with certified arborists in Toronto.

Nature. Beauty. Safety.

Vista Tree Management focuses on one thing: tree care excellence. As ISA Certified Arborists, we’re tree service experts specializing in a core of arboricultural services to enhance the natural beauty and safety of outdoor spaces. 

For years, we’ve built our company to provide premiere tree service in Toronto and surrounding areas. As a result, we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from Kingsway to Sherwood Park, the Guild to Bayview Village. 

As a locally owned and operated business, we’re proud to serve our community.

Check out all of our tree services, including hedge trimming and shrub care. 

Costs and Questions, Answered

Curious about the price of tree care in Toronto? We have an entire section of our website devoted to answering your questions. This is a new feature and will be expanding further into the future to answer all the questions you’d love to ask but tree companies rarely want to answer. We will.

That’s just one of the reasons why we stand out from the rest. 

Our Offers

Fair Price Guarantee

Whatever the size of your project, you deserve peace of mind that you’re paying a fair price. We offer a price-matching guarantee on all of our tree services and upfront information on what tree care costs.

Flexible Scheduling

Solutions on your schedule. Pre-schedule service, postpone or expedite work, and make incremental or large scale improvements to your green space. We’re a local tree service in Toronto, offering greater flexibility for you.

Free Assessments

We do not charge for assessing your trees or property – no house call or services fees. Our team of Certified Arborists will assess your project and provide a quote at no cost to you. 


Transparency. Solutions. Guarantees.

Got a tree problem? Let us solve it. 

We provide solutions tailored to your particular needs. Our pricing is clear, our quotes are detailed, our work is guaranteed. You can learn about tree service pricing here, how to deal with neighbour tree problems or Top 10 Hedge Trimming questions answered in our Tree Care Tips blog.

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You're 100% Protected

Proof of proper insurance is a must when allowing any contractor onto your property, as you can be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by uninsured workers. We have you covered! We carry comprehensive policies for general liability, vehicle claims and employee health and safety.

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We love making trees work, there's no doubt about it.

Vista Tree Management was born out of a desire to set new, higher standards for tree companies and client service in Toronto. We are friendly, flexible and frank – there’s more than one way to cut a tree so we let you know what your options are. 

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Professional Arborists, Happy to Serve You.

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