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Best Smaller Local Tree Companies in Toronto

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When we’re on site with a homeowner discussing their project, we often end up talking about the industry, what to expect, and how to compare quotes from different companies. 

Sometimes, we’re the best fit for a client. Other times there may be a better fit at another company. We’re happy to refer to other professional tree companies. We want to make sure all potential clients understand the work they’re getting, the cost and the best alternatives out there.

When clients are looking for the “buy local” feel of a smaller local tree care company, these are the competitors we have our eyes on as the best local arborist companies in Toronto.

All of these companies are ones we have connections to. The arborist community is very small, so in many cases we have either worked with, worked for, taught, or trained with arborists working at these companies. We’re proud to include them on the list!

Below are the best smaller local tree services in Toronto, with a solid track record of delivery. If you’re looking for the top arborists in the city, you can check out our list of the Top Tree Services in Toronto.

We have a much larger list of all the tree services and arborists in Toronto if you’d like more to compare to. Of course, reading up a bit on tree care costs in Toronto in 2023 can also help to give you a better understanding of the factors involved in tree care quotes and prices from different companies.

Best Local Arborists in Toronto Neighbourhoods

1. Elite Tree Care

Elite is on our list of top tree companies but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great “buy local” choice. Located in Leaside, Elite is a family-owned and -operated business that’s been offering their tree expertise for years.

2. Heritage Tree Care

Another company on our top tree companies list is Heritage. The owner, Joe, is a well-known arborist in Parkdale, High Park and other west end areas, though they work across the city. As a small to medium-sized local company providing great tree pruning and removal, they are also a great local option.

3. Birch Cliff Tree Care

No local arborist list would be complete without BirchCliff tree care, which operates in – you guessed it – Birchcliff! That’s in Scarborough, near the Bluffs and other communities like Cliffcrest. This company has been round for awhile and is very proud of its community.

4. Evergreen Tree Care

Evergreen is located in the east end of Toronto but services the whole city. They’re smaller, locally owned and operated and provide professional arborist services.

5. Greenwood Tree Care

Greenwood Tree Care is located in Leslieville and run by an arborist named Mike. This company is hyperlocal and still quite new, but serves clients in the east end of Toronto and Scarborough.


If you’re looking for a smaller local tree company alternatives, getting quotes from the companies listed above is a good bet.

As local arborists in Toronto ourselves, we’re community focused and driven just like these fine companies. What are the benefits of hiring a smaller local company? Here are a few we can think of:

  • All of these companies have owners who are directly involved in the work of the business, whether it is on the job site, quoting or a mix of both
  • You know who you’re getting – the crews are smaller, and the accountability is higher
  • Local companies have the same or better insurance than their big box counterparts
  • You’re more likely to get the customization and responsiveness you’re looking for
  • You’re contributing to the local economy

Think your company should be listed here? Drop us a line. Unlike Homestars, our some other listing services we make recommendations based on our personal and professional knowledge. We’re happy to discuss how you’re improving the industry!

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