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Each year, at Vista Tree Management, we meet with over a thousand homeowners from Toronto to discuss their trees and what can be done about them.

Many of them are seeking multiple quotes and appreciate our educational approach to tree services. When we’re candid about tree care, options, and costs, we’re often asked, “What other tree services in Toronto would you recommend?”

We want our clients to be as informed as possible, and we’re not shy about our competition. We’re blatantly honest in our assessments of the advantages of other tree care companies and know how we fit in beside them.

Since we’re already talking about this when we visit homes for a free assessment, we’ll share it with you here. Here is a list of some of the best tree services in Toronto, with a solid track record of delivery. 

Top 6 Toronto Arborist Companies

1. Cohen & Master

Having been around for many years, Cohen & Master serves Toronto and the GTA. They are a full service tree company with several tree crews, equipment, a consulting division and plant health care. They have a heavy emphasis on caring for and loving trees.

2. Elite Tree Care

Like their name suggests, Elite is a top tree company in Toronto. They have been around for a number of years and are a smaller company that still packs a big punch with professional certified arborists and excellent service.

3. Bartlett Tree Experts

Bartlett is a behemoth company, but the Toronto area shop is medium-sized compared to other tree services. While they provide pruning and removal, they really shine in plant health care, with an excellent research laboratory in the USA that helps them get to the bottom of tree health issues.

4. Heritage Tree Care

Located in the west end of Toronto, this company is well known through High Park, the Kingsway and downtown for their tree pruning and removal. They’ve done some great wood reclamation projects, taking wood from cut trees and refashioning it into custom furniture and accessories for clients.

5. Davey Tree 

You’ll recognize their green bucket trucks out on the road doing street pruning for the City of Toronto. While they do a lot of municipal work, Davey also provides residential services to home owners. They tend towards larger tree removal jobs, and specialize in cutting trees around hydro lines (these workers are also known as utility arborists).

6. Rooted Tree Service

Rooted is located in the west end of Toronto and works throughout the city. They’re experts in tree removal, and have a somewhat unique approach to jobs. They often put multiple climbers in a tree and work with more than an average number of crew members on site. 


Those are some companies to consider if you’re getting quotes for your Toronto tree pruning or removal project. We also have a list of much smaller local tree companies operating around the city.

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When you’re looking for the best Toronto tree companies or top tree services near me, you want to keep in mind the following:

  • Find tree care companies with a track record of success
  • Large tree services and small tree services offer different benefits 
  • Different Toronto arborists specialize in different things, like residential vs. commercial tree work, crane removals vs plant health care 
  • Getting quotes from a range of companies will give you the best idea of the options available to you for tree removal, pruning, hedge trimming, plant health care and more

And for those of you searching for a tree care company you used to use, we have an article on tree companies that are no longer in business in Toronto.

Think your company should be listed here? Drop us a line. Unlike Homestars, our some other listing services we make recommendations based on our personal and professional knowledge. We’re happy to discuss how you’re improving the industry!

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