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Your Tree Resolutions for 2022

In early January, the only tree on your mind may be a drying-out Christmas tree and how long you’ll hold out before taking it down. But the beginning of the year is the perfect time to think about your outdoor trees and how you’ll care for them this year! 1. Get Your Tree Pruned You

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Spruce Christmas trees in a snowy forest Photo Dominika Gregusova Pexels
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How Christmas Trees Get Their Look

Christmas trees have a distinctive shape — perfect for decorating with tree ornaments and lights, easy to turn into kindergarten craft projects. Unlike deciduous trees that lose their leaves in fall, the evergreens we use for holiday decorating — pines, spruces, firs and others — keep their needles and tend to grow in a pyramid

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Christmas Lights: Protect Your Trees During Holiday Decorating

There’s nothing more festive than Christmas tree lights and holiday decorating on your trees, especially on evergreens like pines or spruces. However, well-meaning decorators can put their trees — or themselves — at risk when they don’t take proper precautions. Here’s how to make sure your holiday decorating is full of Christmas cheer for both

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Several types of evergreen tree in front of a house
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Why Is My Pine Tree Losing Needles?

If your pine or evergreen tree is losing needles, it may not be all bad news Trees with needles come in many varieties — there are over 100 species of trees that have needles. Inevitably, some of these trees will lose their needles from time to time. But what happens if your tree is losing

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Tree Protection During Construction

Planning a home construction project? Don’t forget about construction tree protection in your plans. In Toronto and GTA communities, it’s a required part of the approval process for construction permits. Careless work around trees during construction can badly damage a tree. This can lead to a tree’s decline, tree removal, and/or municipal fines, depending on

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Arborist high up in large leafy tree conducting tree pruning
Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning for a View

Trimming your tree for a view People call for tree pruning for many reasons: the tree’s health, dangerous branches or nuisances, along with regular maintenance pruning, but one of the most common reasons is to improve or restore a view. We all want our property to look its best. When your home or garden starts

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Invasive Trees in Ontario Yards

Meet the invaders: Here are the most common invasive trees found in Toronto One of the first things we learn about trees as children is that trees are our friends: they benefit the environment and provide oxygen. But not all trees are created equal! Trees brought to Ontario from other locations and climates are called

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Arborist in PPE using chainsaw on a tree stump
Tree Safety

Chainsaw Safety: Do Arborists or Homeowners Have More Injuries?

Can you use a chainsaw safely at home? Many homeowners wonder: is it safe to operate a chainsaw yourself and prune your own trees? It’s a question for many thinking about how much tree trimming costs. You may want to save some money, or a tree pruning or removal job may look like a quick,

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Cedar container trees

Trees to Plant in Containers

Do you have space for a container tree? So you want to plant a tree in your home, but space is tight, really tight. Fortunately, almost everyone has space for container trees. Whether you have a porch, balcony, or a small yard without an appropriate space for a tree or enough clearance from the house,

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Hazy sky and red sun from air pollution over Toronto Photo Designocologist Pexels
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Protecting Your Trees Against Pollution

We know trees are beneficial against pollution. But how can you protect your trees against pollution? Trees help capture carbon, reduce particles in the air, and reduce water pollution by preventing soil erosion. They also reduce noise pollution in busy areas, and have a secondary effect on reducing some other types of pollution: tree-lined streets

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