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Toronto Tree Services No Longer in Business

We know what it’s like – you develop a relationship with a company, buy from them over the course of years and then one day, they’re gone. 

Tree companies are bought and sold every year. This post will be updated as we learn of changes to tree companies in Toronto or when they shut their doors. 

Know of any other tree companies that closed, transferred ownership or were sold? Let us know! We will add them to the list. 

What happened to Bruce Tree?

Bruce Tree was an exceptional tree service operating in the city for many years. Owned by Ian Bruce, it provided top notch arborist services across the city. A few years ago, it was acquired by Cohen and Master and absorbed into that company. 

What happened to Kelly’s Tree Care?

Kelly’s Tree Care was bought by Bartlett a few years ago as a part of their expansion plans. Well-known arborist Wenda Li was an employee, and left to work for Elite Tree Care. Other employees went far and wide to other tree care companies in the city. 

Finding a New Tree Service

If you’re looking for a company to replace Bruce Tree or Kelly’s Tree Care, check out Top Arborist Companies in Toronto or our list of hyperlocal tree services in Toronto!



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