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When Do You Need a Tree Inspection Report? Part 2

Tree Inspection Reports, also called arborist reports, are made for many different reasons including tree removal, construction and safety concerns. In our post, When Do you Need an Arborist Report? Part 1, we discussed what goes into a tree inspection report, and how much they can cost. We also explained how arborists reports/tree inspection reports are used for tree removals in the GTA and on construction projects. In part two, we’ll explain other uses of tree inspection reports like renovations, when buying a new home and planning a garden.

Getting a Permit for Renovations

If you’re renovating your home or adding in outdoor elements like a new deck, garage, or outdoor kitchen, you may also need a tree inspection report for the proposed construction if there are trees close by. The same restrictions around vehicle parking, construction material storage, and waste disposal apply.

Reports for renovations will be similar to reports for new building developments, though likely looking at a smaller area. Your arborist will assess how construction will impact any trees close by or whether any trees need to be removed. They will ensure that the planned development respects the Toronto tree protection zone, or the by-laws where you live. As a part of the report they will make sure there is a plan to protect the trees that meets the rules in place. The rules for these by-laws can get quite complex. Having someone trained to understand and apply the rules can save you costly headaches.

Tree Inspection Report for Building a Pool

You also may need an arborist report or tree inspection report if you’re adding a pool to your backyard. The report will be similar to those needed for regular construction and renovation projects, with a few special considerations. This report will need to especially consider whether the new pool will impact the root systems of any trees close by — yours or a neighbours’.

Tree roots grow to a shallower depth than people think and won’t just grow around an in-ground pool. Your plan should also consider safe drainage for your pool, as chlorinated water leaching into the ground can damage your trees, grass and garden.

Tree Inspection Report for Buying a Home

Row of large old detached brick houses with mature trees in the front yard

When you’re looking to purchase a home, this is another time a tree inspection report can be useful. You may be interested in a property but concerned over the state of trees on the lot or trees growing close to the house or other buildings. You could be looking at planning future construction, like an addition or new building, on the property, but have questions over whether large mature trees may prevent you from being permitted to move ahead with those plans.

This is an ideal situation for an arborist report. An arborist can assess whether trees on the property are likely to need maintenance or removal in the next years, and help estimate how much that work may end up costing you. It’s a great way to ensure whether existing trees are healthy and safe — especially if the existing owner hasn’t kept up with maintenance or is unaware of issues.

Having Your Trees Inspected for a New Garden

A tree inspection report can also be useful if you’re planning major landscaping work, to ensure that your trees are healthy and any planned work helps you get the maximum benefit from your trees. Arborists can recommend species for new tree planting and identify any potential issues with existing trees, like pests, dying trees, or invasive species.

There are many reasons to get an arborist or tree inspection report! Arborists can help you comply with laws, avoid fines and prevent costly delays or damage. If you need a certified arborist report for your property, contact Vista Tree today for a quote.

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