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Maple tar spot fungus Rhytisma Acerinum
Plant Healthcare

What Is Maple Tar Spot Disease?

Black Spots on Maple Leaves Can Be Treated Maple tar spot is one of the easiest plant diseases to identify. Most people can spot it even without knowing what it is: if you have seen round black spots on maple leaves, either in a tree or on the ground, you can identify tar spot. With

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Controlling LDD Moth (Gypsy Moth)

This invasive moth causes serious damage to Ontario trees If there’s only one pest on the tip of everyone’s tongues this year, it’s LDD moth, also known as European gypsy moth. Controlling gypsy moth is important, because the moth caterpillars can quickly cause significant damage to trees and plants. Though this moth has been commonly

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Rotting roots at base of large deciduous tree Phytophthora root rot
Plant Healthcare

Phytophthora Root Rot: What You Need to Know

Phytophthora Can Be Treated What is phytophthora root rot? Despite the tongue-twisting name, it’s a common issue in Ontario plants, but it can often go unnoticed. Phytophthora is a common disease in both landscape plants and crops in southern Ontario. Caused by an organism similar to fungi, also called a water mould (or oomycete), there

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Tree Pruning

Summer Limb Failure: Why a Branch Fails in Summer Weather

It’s expected that branches may fall during a summer thunderstorm or wind storm, but what happens if a branch breaks during calm summer conditions? This is known as summer limb failure, and it can happen in warm and hot weather. What is this phenomenon, and what does it mean for your tree? What Is Summer

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View of Lake Ontario from Scarborough Bluffs
Plant Healthcare

Caring for Your Trees in Scarborough and on the Bluffs

Scarborough residents know: this part of the city is special, which is why you want an arborist in Scarborough who knows the area! Scarborough’s neighbourhoods, especially along Lake Ontario and the Bluffs, can have their own special considerations for tree care. The weather in Scarborough is often a few degrees cooler than in the centre

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Decaying tree stump removal
Tree Removal

Why Should I Bother With Tree Stump Removal?

Stump Grinding 101 So you’ve had a tree removed, or perhaps inherited a tree stump or several from a previous resident. Tree stump removal is an extra expense. Is it worth removing your stump? There are a few ways to get rid of a tree stump, but stump grinding is the method we recommend in

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Dead cedars suffering from cedar mites
Plant Healthcare

What Are Spider Mites Doing on My Cedar Trees?!

Tiny Cedar Mites Can Cause Big Problems Though not actually spiders, spider mites on cedar trees can cause damage on your cedar, juniper and cypress plants. If you’re a gardener, you may already be familiar with garden mites that damage plants like tomatoes. Unfortunately, cedar mites and other tree mites can be harmful to your

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Eastern redbud tree with pink blossoms in spring Photo Greg Hume
Planting Trees

The Best Trees for Small Yards

Short on outdoor space? Here are your best small tree planting options Like many Toronto and GTA homeowners, you may be short on outdoor space, but still looking at your options for planting trees for small yards. You want the greenery and shade that comes with backyard trees, but need some smaller-sized options that won’t

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Boxwood caterpillar on boxwood
Plant Healthcare

How to Treat Boxwood Moth

Boxwoods are a popular plant in Toronto and GTA gardens, but this species can be susceptible to pests like boxwood moth. Torontonians appreciate boxwoods for their tidy look, tolerance for pruning, and ability to grow as a hedge or privacy barrier. They’re also a low-maintenance plant. Popular species include the green gem boxwood and winter

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Arborist in mask talking with client outdoors arborist COVID safety
Tree Safety

How arborists are keeping you safe during COVID

Are tree services essential in Ontario? Partway through yet another lockdown in Ontario and the Toronto area, you may have started thinking about tidying up your yard and property for summer. But with service restrictions in place, can arborists work during lockdown in Ontario? The answer is yes — tree care in Ontario is considered

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