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Toronto skyline through city park Photo Scott Webb Pexels
Construction & Renovation

Toronto Tree Removal Permits: What You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Permits and Re-Greening Plans in Toronto Looking to remove a tree on your property in Toronto? We’ll take you through the information you need to know about Toronto tree removal permits and bylaws! The process for cutting down trees in Toronto is relatively straightforward. If you have questions about

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Tree Pruning

How Much Does Tree Care Cost?

Price vs Cost in Tree Maintenance We’re often asked “How much does tree care cost?” for jobs. But it’s usually the wrong question. What most of our customers mean is “What’s the price of this job?” What is the cost of tree care? Taking care of your trees is an investment in your home, your

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Winter tree work with newly cut stump and chainsaw on the ground beside in snow
Tree Pruning

Why Choose Winter Tree Work?

Can you do tree work in the winter? Lots of people think tree service companies stop work in the winter. Some do, but many are still out there working! Don’t worry, it’s not too cold for us: we’re active and busy, and have winter gear to keep us warm. Winter is a great time for

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Broken branch Toronto storm cleanup
Tree Pruning

Should You Remove or Restore a Tree After Storm Damage?

The latest summer storm hit your property hard, and now you’re facing a tree with major storm damage. What happens next? When there’s serious storm damage, it’s hard to know whether the tree needs to be removed or if it can be restored. There are a few factors arborists consider. We’ll take you through some

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View of Lake Ontario from Scarborough Bluffs
Plant Healthcare

Caring for Your Trees in Scarborough and on the Bluffs

Scarborough residents know: this part of the city is special, which is why you want an arborist in Scarborough who knows the area! Scarborough’s neighbourhoods, especially along Lake Ontario and the Bluffs, can have their own special considerations for tree care. The weather in Scarborough is often a few degrees cooler than in the centre

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