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Why Choose Winter Tree Work?

Can you do tree work in the winter? Lots of people think tree service companies stop work in the winter. Some do, but many are still out there working! Don’t worry, it’s not too cold for us: we’re active and busy, and have winter gear to keep us warm. Winter is a great time for many types of tree work.

As a homeowner, you may have trouble telling a healthy branch from a dying one without seeing the leaves, but arborists are trained to make this distinction all year round.


Pruning is our favourite type of winter tree work! Trees are dormant in winter, which means a few things. Firstly, it’s easier to see branches and any issues with the tree when leaves have fallen. Your arborists can more easily see the structure of the tree and they are better able to do structural pruning or prune to give the tree a stronger and more attractive shape.

Secondly, the timing will allow cuts to heal significantly before the spring growing season begins. That means your tree will be able to direct more energy to healthy spring growth, rather than to recovering from pruning once the weather gets warmer.

Insects and fungal infections can target newly pruned trees, which is why hot summer weather isn’t the best season for pruning; however, these pests are also dormant in winter. Your tree may also be easier to access for pruning or removals if you have a yard or other space full of leafy growth in the high season.


Sometimes, trees need to be removed in winter; other times, winter is just the time it works for scheduling. Tree removals can generally happen year-round. It can be easier to remove deciduous trees in winter as arborists have a clear view without leaves on the branches. The removal may also go more smoothly without the weight of leaves on branches. 

Frozen ground and tidied-up yards can also mean that you’re undertaking the removal without the worry of damage to a growing flower or vegetable bed, or relocating the lawn furniture or kids’ outdoor toys.

Winter can also be a time to save on tree work. Many companies will offer lower rates on winter business since it’s a slower time of year, and your job may be scheduled faster since you’re not competing with summer customer volumes.

Emergency Winter Tree Work

Winter tree with broken branch from winter storm on a residential street with safety cone in frontNobody anticipates having to deal with it, but one major category of winter business is emergency storm damage cleanup or other emergency tree work. Winter wind and ice storms will happen, and though you can get ahead of some potential damage by taking care of your tree year-round, some damage will always be unpredictable.

Luckily, arborists are available year-round to remove a broken limb after an ice storm, a tree with a cracked trunk, and branches broken in high winds. We’ll also take care of issues like a tree that breaks unexpectedly during the winter season and poses a danger to a sidewalk, home, or other building.

Whether it’s ice storm tree cleanup, adding support for injured branches, or removing a tree fallen on a house in a winter storm, arborists can help with your winter tree emergencies! If there are electrical wires involved, you’ll need to speak with a trained utility arborist.

Planning Ahead

Winter isn’t suited to all types of work. Can you plant trees in winter? Activities like planting are highly dependent on the time of year (and thawed ground), so this won’t work. Stump grinders won’t work on a frozen, snow-covered stump. However, for many jobs, we can still complete site visits and reports while the weather is frosty. Winter can be a great time for planning spring work, planting, treatments, fertilizing, and more. 

Some treatments and plantings are very time-sensitive, so winter is when you want to start thinking about this and contract an arborist: by the time you realize spring is here, it may be too late!

We can also complete reports and assessments for planned spring and summer tree work or construction work that requires an arborist report. This way, you can get ahead with permit applications and get started as soon as the weather warms!

Do Tree Services Work in All Winter Weather?

Of course, not all winter weather is ideal for arborists. Cool or cold dry days in the winter are perfect, but other weather may mean jobs get postponed. High winds and blowing snow can make it dangerous to work. Snow can affect visibility, and the aftermath of snow and ice storms can make some non-hazard work riskier. In most cases, your job should be able to be rescheduled soon!

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