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Tree Removal

Why do trees need to be removed?

Tree removal happens most often due to a tree growing too close to a building, or when a tree is unhealthy, damaged or dying. New construction and storm damage are other common reasons for trees to be removed. If something is wrong with your tree, it may be a problem with how it has grown, or damage that occurred in the past.

Trees growing too close to buildings, fences or other structures can also cause damage to them over time. Branches on walls, fences, roofs, gutters, windows and other built environment can be a nuisance, while the roots of the tree may grow into broken pipes underground or damage your foundation. In these cases then felling or climbing and removing the tree piece by piece would be the only option.

If the tree looks or feels dangerous, you may be asking yourself, “How do I know if my tree is safe?” and considering removing it just to be sure. Our qualified arborists can assess the safety of your tree and give you an overview of your available options, some of which may improve removal. Often, however, homeowners underestimate the health and strength of trees on their properties. Sometimes all that is required is effective tree pruning and maintenance to limit the tree from growing over a house, garage or other valued areas.

Arborist doing ash tree removal in Scarborough

How can Vista Tree help with removing a tree on your property?

We can assess your tree’s health and determine the best way to care for your tree and property. If tree removal is the right choice, our arborists will work to safely remove your tree. If your tree requires a permit before removal, our arborists will assess the tree, write a report and manage the application on your behalf. 

We are able to remove trees in tight spaces where felling the tree isn’t possible, using advanced rigging techniques or specialized equipment. This is challenging, precise work that only a trained and qualified arborist should undertake. We often get calls from people who have tried out a DIY tree removal in their backyards, resulting in near accidents or damage. 

Our tree removal services include permits for tree removal, shrub and hedge removal, large tree removal, emergency tree removal and dangerous tree removal. Toronto tree removal bylaws require a permit to remove trees wider than 30 cm in diameter, while  by-laws and permits required for tree removal in Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and other locations in the GTA vary. 

What will removing a tree cost?

The cost of removing trees varies depending on the species, size, location and how dangerous or technical the removal is. Smaller trees are generally cheaper. Larger trees become more expensive the more complicated they are to remove.

Vista Tree provides clear and upfront pricing on all of our estimates. You’ll receive a written breakdown of the total cost based on your consultation with our qualified arborists. Whatever the tree removal situation you’re facing, we take a no-nonsense approach to pricing and estimates.