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Help! There Are Squirrels On My Roof!

Can an Arborist Keep Squirrels Off My Roof?

Whether your preferred squirrels are black, grey, red, or none at all, no homeowner wants squirrels on their roof. Torontonians and squirrels have learned to (mostly) coexist, but squirrels on houses can still be a major irrititant for homeowners.

If the sound of squirrels on the roof is driving you nuts, there may be solutions that don’t involve calling in an exterminator.

Arborists can’t help with a squirrel infestation in the attic, but if your squirrel problem is outside and being helped by trees near your house, it’s time to call a tree service.

Why Are Squirrels Running On My Roof?

Is there a large tree close to your house? Your roof may have become a squirrel thoroughfare if branches provide easy access to rooftops and eaves.

The noise from squirrels on the roof can keep you up at night (or early in the morning). That constant pitter-patter of little feet can also put extra wear and tear on your shingles.

Often, large trees are the culprit, not a squirrel infestation in your home. Over time, branches can become overgrown and grow in too close to your house. Squirrels can jump over a metre straight upwards, or up to 3 m horizontally. This means that a tree that seems a fair distance from a house can still act as a squirrel highway.

Certain issues with your trees may also make them more attractive to squirrels. Holes in dead wood on mature trees can become a home for squirrels. Clearing it away can help make your tree less of a lure for your backyard squirrel population.

Problems With Squirrels On Rooftops

The occasional squirrel or other backyard critter running across your roof won’t cause damage. It’s also not likely to annoy you if it’s only occasional. However, once your house has become a roadway for several families of squirrels, that’s when it’s time to worry.

Squirrels love chewing through things, including walls, trim, and wiring. If they have easy access to your house, it can become an attraction, especially when temperatures drop in the fall. Chewed electrical wiring is a major hazard, and holes in exterior surfaces are also a risk. If squirrels get inside, droppings and urine can also pose a danger to your human inhabitants.

Squirrels’ teeth never stop growing, so they’re constantly looking for things to chew on.

How to Manage Squirrels On Your House

When you call in an arborist for squirrel help, we’ll first investigate any trees close to your rooftop. We’ll conduct any necessary pruning on the trees near your house, cutting back branches to at least 2.5m (8 feet) away from the building. Removing dead wood from a tree also helps deter squirrels from making a home there.

Since tree branches grow back, you’ll want to make sure the tree is pruned again every couple of years. This will help keep the squirrels away from your house in future.

It’s ideal to avoid removals and pruning during nesting season in June and July. You could end up disturbing babies and upsetting parents. Waiting to prune is safer for both humans and squirrels, and more humane.

Squirrel Barriers

Owl decoy squirrel protection

We can install metal guards on trees to keep squirrels from climbing up your tree. Decoys are also sometimes used. However, squirrels are crafty and can often find ways around these, so we encourage pruning as a more effective choice. We will only install barriers outside of nesting and birthing season.

Live in Peace With Your Backyard Squirrels

If squirrels on the roof are making your home a nuthouse, there are things that can be done. Contact Vista Tree for solutions to keep squirrels off the roof.

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