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Common Tree Myths for Commercial Properties in Toronto

With the many demands of managing a property (particularly if that’s only one of numerous responsibilities at your job), commercial property trees may be one of the last things on your mind. However, there are a lot of good reasons to care about the health of trees at your commercial property, whether it’s retail, rental, office or manufacturing space, or a combination of these. 

It’s easy to put tree care on the back burner, and there are a lot of myths around urban tree health that make this easy. As arborists, let us dispel a few of these myths and let you know why you should think about your commercial space’s trees!

Trees Don’t Need Maintenance

Caring for your trees is one of the best ways to save money on tree and garden care. Regular pruning and promptly dealing with any concerning issues keeps your tree in good health and thriving.

Pruning, watering, and fertilizing are all part of keeping trees in good shape. It’s especially important with young, newly planted trees. New trees need extra water, particularly in the first year they’re planted. Trees also benefit from watering before winter and through any dry patches (no snow or rain) through the winter. 


Fertilizing Is For Gardens

Fertilizing is often thought of in terms of flower or vegetable gardens, but trees can reap great benefits from fertilizing! Urban trees, especially in dense or concrete-heavy areas where many businesses are located, can suffer from a lack of nutrients. Other plants and vegetation contribute nutrients to the soil, so without these, trees can become weaker and unhealthy.

Fertilizing is a cost-efficient measure to help bring some of these nutrients back to urban trees. In spring, fall, or both, adding fertilizing to the soil ensures stronger and greener growth for the next season, also helping to protect against pest damage and disease. 

Cheapest Is Best

As the manager of a commercial property, we understand you might face external pressure to choose the cheapest quote for a job. However, you always want to choose licensed and insured arborists for tree work on your property. Not only because work poorly done can end up costing you more later (a lesson you’ve surely learned as a property manager!), but from a liability perspective as well. 

Ensuring you’re working with a trained professional will help make sure you’re covered in the event of any issues down the line. Working with professional arborists also ensures your tree issues are properly diagnosed and work is performed safely and effectively. Properly done pruning and branch removals, for example, can save you from a far more costly tree removal and replacement down the line.

Planting Is for Homeowners

Planting trees helps all of us! Studies show that green space, from a park outside a window to trees alongside your building to a humble plant on a desk benefits employee morale and productivity. By planting smaller trees now, your building will also benefit from their cooling effects in years to come. Plus, you’ll be making your space more attractive and valuable. It also helps showcase a commitment to environmental issues, important for attracting employees and customers.

Trees Are a Risk

Of course there are possible risks from trees on the property, but that goes for just about anything. Well-cared-for trees will provide your property with many benefits, from cooling and insulating to improving mental health. Whether your commercial space involves retail, work space, rental housing, or all of the above, having a more attractive property benefits your workers, customers, and bottom line.


Commercial Property Tree Management

Do you need experienced arborists to assist with maintenance, planning, or planting for your commercial space’s trees? Vista Tree has worked with many different types of businesses and as business owners, we understand your needs! Contact us for a quote today

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Cheryl Cooke
James responded quickly to my request for a quote and he and his crew did an extremely professional job with perfect cleanup. I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat. James is an excellent communicator and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for giving my garden a great jump on Spring.
Lawrence Tavers
James and Michael have been the best arborists I’ve ever dealt with. First off, they were friendly and professional. They didn’t just throw out a number, they went through the job and what needed to be done and what didn’t and gave me a reasonable price. On the day, the crew came and did a fantastic job. It was a hard one but they made it look easy. And the clean up was perfect, my yard looked better than it did before they came. They’re my go to from now on.
Johnathan Melnick
I got two trees removed for a renovation project, and vista was on it right from the start. Report came through right away, permits right after but then due to some cost over runs I had to delay for 4 months and hold off on the removals until last month. Trees came down so well, crew was really professional. They left the site looking CLEAN and thats saying a lot as it had a lot of builder garbage around .stump grinding happened right away. James and Mike went above and beyond to manage this and help me out when the unexpected happened. Definitely recommend.
Ronald Romick
Very professional work. We are very satisfied with the quality of the work done. We would recommend Vista 100 percent. Great quality, performance and professional.
John Rydzkowski
I had James and his crew cut down and remove my 40'+ blue spruce before the wind blew it over. There was an urgency in getting the work done and they were there for me. They were very professional, worked safely and cleaned up when they were finished. They also showed me proof of insurance and WSIB which is very important as a home owner. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone. Thanks 😊
Marlee Pinsker
Vista Tree Management came to our house and did a wonderful job helping to protect the roof from squirrel damage. James walked around the perimeter of the house with me and pointed out every tree branch that might possibly be the instrument of a squirrel finding its way to the roof. He then set up a time, came over promptly, and in short time cut down many tree limbs and branches. He consulted with me about whether anything else needed to be done, and when I pointed out one last branch, he cut it down. I feel I have finally found a tree service which has the knowledge and expertise to help with my property. My husband and I are more than satisfied! The staff at Vista Tree Management were so very helpful.
Kristian Alexander Kennedy
We had the pleasure of working with Vista recently and we could not have asked for better service. We have a small apple tree and hedge in our front yard that we wanted pruned. As part of the quote, we had also requested that some time be spent with us as the pruning occurred so that we could learn how to properly care for our garden going forward. James was prompt, responsive and incredibly thorough. He completed the tasks exactly as we had discussed and as was quoted. He was patient and spent lots of time teaching us the various pruning methods that he was utilizing. Not only does he have excellent attention to detail while pruning, but he also takes great care in cleaning up all the plant debris once he was finished the job. We can’t thank him enough for the excellent service provided. We will be sure to reach out to Vista for all of our future pruning/landscaping needs. Thanks James.
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