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Small Tree Removal Price Guide

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Tree Care Prices in Toronto

Cost of Small Tree Removal

Small tree removal costs in Toronto can be more complex than you might realize. In this price guide, we’re going to discuss some key aspects affecting the cost of taking out small, individual trees.

We’ll discuss how location impacts price, taking into account the accessibility challenges that may arise during the process and potential hazards that can increase overall expenses. Additionally, we’ll delve into the volume of wood to be cut and removed as well as timing factors influencing costs.

Lastly, neighbour relations play a significant role in determining small tree removal cost. We will discuss how neighbours can impact your costs and project. By understanding these crucial elements surrounding the price of small tree removal in Toronto, you can make an informed decision on your tree needs.

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Before you start, if you’re looking for our price range for tree services, it starts at $350 + tax. Beyond that, there are general ranges and averages that we get into in all the separate price guides.

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Location and Access Problems Can Increase Cost

The location of a small tree significantly impacts its removal cost. For instance, a job cutting down two 40ft tall spruce trees in an open backyard with easy truck access may be cheaper than removing a 20ft Honey Locust that is only accessible through narrow alleys or buildings. Considering how difficult it is to get to the tree will give you an idea about potential expense that might be involved in having it removed.

Additionally, limited truck access because of parking restrictions or construction projects also affects pricing since crews must move debris further than usual.

Accessibility challenges

Trees located close to valuable items such as sheds, greenhouses, or delicate landscaping features require extra care. Arborists need to take additional precautions and use specialized techniques to avoid causing damage, which may result in increased costs. Whatever can be moved should be, and the remainder securely protected.

  • Stucco, glass and other sensitive building materials: If stucco and glass has to be worked around, this could increase costs as additional precautions must be taken to protect them and there is added risk of insurance claims for damage.
  • Gardens and your plants: Delicate plants nearby may require extra care from professionals while working around them, which adds up in terms of time and effort invested by crews. Some companies will not protect your plants, so be sure to ask in advance.
  • Pools: Removing small trees around pools shouldn’t be a problem unless there is no easy access to the tree from the pool deck.

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Hazards That Increase Small Tree Removal Costs

Trees with rotting branches or those that are dead pose more risks during removal, which leads to higher costs due to unpredictability and increased safety measures required by arborists when handling them. Significant site hazards like active construction zones also contribute towards additional expenses.

Dangerous tree rot in small tree impacts cost

Significant Site Hazards

  • Rotting Trees: Internal rot in trees makes them unstable and more likely to fall unexpectedly during removal. This instability requires professional arborists to take extra precautions while working on the tree, leading to an increase in overall cost.
  • Dead Trees: A small dead tree not only mars the landscape, but also can be a safety risk if left unattended. The structural stability of a dead tree is weakened, making it prone to breaking and toppling.
  • Active Construction Zones: If your small tree is located near an active construction zone or other high-risk areas, crews may need additional permits or clearance before they can begin work. This could lead to delays and added costs for your project.
  • Nearby Power Lines: When trees are close to power lines or utility infrastructure, special care must be taken during removal to avoid damage to property or injuries. In some cases, utilities companies may need coordination before starting work on trees near their installations – adding time and expense into the process.
  • Hazardous terrain: If the tree is located in a hard-to-reach area, such as on steep slopes or near bodies of water, crews may need to use specialized equipment and techniques to safely remove it. This can increase the overall cost of your small tree removal project.

Key Takeaway:

Cutting down small trees in Toronto can be costly due to hazards such as rotting branches, dead trees, and significant site hazards like active construction zones or nearby power lines. These risks require specialized equipment and techniques from experienced professionals who know how to handle precarious situations safely.

Key Takeaway:

When removing a small tree in Toronto, the volume of wood to be cut and taken out affects the cost. Leaving all the debris on-site may save some money but can create hazards and significant issues with appearance, safety, animals, neighbors and city by-laws around property maintenance. Most professional arborist companies will not agree to leave it all for these reasons.

Volume of Debris to Removed

The amount of wood to be cut and removed from a small tree directly affects the cost. More wood means more time, effort, and disposal expenses. Leaving firewood on site or skipping cleanup might not necessarily save on costs.

Impact of Leaving Debris On Site

There are two versions of “leaving the wood”. One is the tree being removed, the site cleaned up, brush chipped and wood neatly cut and stacked on site. This takes about as much time as chipping the wood from a small tree and results in little to no cost savings.

The other version is simply cutting the tree and leaving it “as is” where it came down. This is very fast and easy for arborists relative to cleaning up, but it is a terrible idea in an urban environment.

  • Still takes time: Leaving all the debris on site is relatively fast and easy for arborists, but not for the unlucky homeowner. Trees look much bigger when they’re cut up and left in a pile on your property.
  • Limited Savings: Leaving debris behind doesn’t always result in lower prices because arborists carefully stacking brush is more time consuming than chipping it. If you’re only interested in keeping some of the wood, the cost saving are likely negligible.
  • Potential Hazards and Appearance: It’s important to remember that leftover debris creates hazards and attracts pests (rodents, insects, etc.). The appearance of a site that is not cleaned up after a job is also poor – branches, saw dust, wood and debris can be a significant eyesore.
Tree trimming brush clean up by arborists with chipper on street in toronto

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Timing Factors Influencing Small Tree Removal Costs

Timing is everything when it comes to small tree removal costs. The season, urgency, and scheduling preferences can all impact the final price.

Key Takeaway:

When removing a small tree in Toronto, the volume of wood to be cut and taken out affects the cost. Leaving all the debris on-site may save some money but can create hazards and significant issues with appearance, safety, animals, neighbors and city by-laws around property maintenance. Most professional arborist companies will not agree to leave it all for these reasons.

Busy Season Impact

During peak seasons like summer and fall, tree service companies are in high demand. This can lead to higher costs as professionals have limited availability and need to accommodate a larger number of clients.

To avoid paying premium prices, consider scheduling your tree removal project during slower periods such as late winter or early spring.

Rush Service Considerations

If you need urgent tree removal, be prepared for additional expenses associated with rush services.

Last minute jobs can result in extra fees for emergency work. Before opting for rush service, weigh the pros and cons carefully – it might be worth waiting a few days if possible.

Key Takeaway:

Save money on small tree removal in Toronto by scheduling during slower periods and being flexible with your timing preferences.

Neighbour Relations

Removing trees near shared spaces or property lines can be costly if you have poor relations with your neighbours. Avoid delays, cancellations, and additional expenses caused by neighbour disputes by proactively addressing these issues before work begins.

Challenges with Shared Trees and Spaces

Trees that straddle the boundary between two properties are considered “shared trees” and may require consent from both homeowners before removal. If you have a strained relationship with your neighbour, obtaining their permission might be difficult or even impossible.

In such cases, it’s essential to consult an expert arborist who can guide you through the process of negotiating tree removal on shared property lines.

FAQs in Relation to Small Tree Removal Toronto

What size tree can be removed in Toronto?

In Toronto, trees with a diameter of 30 centimeters (12 inches) or more at chest height require a permit for removal. Small, unprotected privately owned trees under 30cm diameter will not require a permit and can be cut down at any time.

Can I cut a small tree down in my backyard in Toronto?

As long as it is under permit size and not protected, you may remove it at any time. If it is larger than that you should read about the costs of big tree removal or learn more about the tree permit process in Toronto.

What is the average cost of small tree removal?

The average cost of small tree removal is $350-$1800 in Toronto.


The location of the tree, accessibility challenges, hazards posed by the tree, volume of wood to be cut and removed, and timing factors all play a role in determining small tree removal costs.

During busy seasons, prices may be impacted, and rush services may cost more. It’s crucial to communicate with neighbors when shared trees or spaces present challenges to avoid any conflicts.

By understanding these factors, homeowners in Toronto can make inform

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Michal was very pleasant to deal with during the quoting process and he conveyed the most knowledge from the 3 companies I approached. James and his crew did an excellent job with the removal of two trees and pruning of a large Manitoba Maple that totally covered my deck. Great to see sunlight again! James is very friendly and also knowledgeable. When the work was completed we did a walk through and he thoroughly explained what they did. The clean up was also fantastic.
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VISTA do good work. I've used then for clients and all work gets done on time with an industry competitive budget. Their customers service is always excellent as well
Showed up on time. Scoped the work with us. Cleaned up nicely. Decent price. We will use them again.
Had great experience with Vista Tree for pruning of our tree. Super quick response to seamless execution. Highly recommend!
James was extremely helpful in helping us get the right tree for our backyard and was very friendly and professional
Outstanding Service! The arborist who came to provide an estimate gave very helpful with suggestions on how we should proceed to trim a very large tree - keeping in mind privacy with neighbours and ensuring shade over our home in the summer. He even took photographs to mark up to guide the crew coming to do the work. The crew showed up as scheduled and did its work very efficiently and we were extremely pleased with the results. Very reasonable pricing - great value for the money. Vista Tree Management will be my one and only supplier of these services in the future.
Vista Tree Management provided an excellent service of removing a large tree from a backyard of my property in Toronto. The whole process of quoting, and doing the job was very efficient, clearly explained and provided as promised. Their price for the serviced was very competitive.
My parents used their service to cut a tree down in their backyard. This tree was in such an awkward position where it was interfering with 2 other neighbors. James ensured me that the service would be done in a very professional manner and no damage would be done. Im glad to say he was right and had a group of 6 hard working individuals made the job done safely and efficiently. I would highly recommend this company for anyone needing tree removal.
Everything went smooth, from the initial assessment visit to the email communication to the job getting done! Thank you guys for your professionalism and quality work!!
Vista is an excellent company to deal with. The owners went above and beyond expectations to help deal with a unique situation. The guys who did the work were not only professional but also very polite. I will be using them again to help with other work in the future.
We are very happy with all the work Vista Tree Management accomplished on our property.  James was very professional and gave us excellent advice concerning the trimming of our 12 foot cedar hedges and the pruning of our mature silver maple trees.  The crew was very friendly and hard working, they did a tremendous job on the work required and they did an excellent job with the clean up.  We would highly recommend Vista Tree services to our family and friends.  We will definitely use them again for all of our future projects.
John & Sonja
They just did my front lawn, and boy, did they leave a lasting impression!

They were straightforward with the plan - clear and precise, ensuring that I was well informed of the process and outcome. The execution was meticulous and exceeded my expectations. Moreover, the cleanliness post-service was remarkable, leaving no trace of debris or disruption.

They were on time and was the epitome of friendly and cheerful—felt like I had friends over for a garden party!

Overall, their service was excellent at every stage. The inquiry, consultation, customer support, day-of service, follow-up, and payment process were all seamless.

I had peace of mind and very happy with Vista. I highly recommend them to those in need of reliable and thorough tree management service.
I can’t say enough positive comment about James and Vista Tree. We were “ghosted” by 2 other tree management companies last fall. James came by and provided separate quotes for two very large trees on our property, both of which were a challenge to severely prune. They were a hazard and had to be addressed. The quotes were delivered the next day after assessment. The team was here on two separate days (April 30 and May 7). They were efficient, professional and most importantly safe. Hollis, the arborist who climbed the trees was friendly and communicated everything he was doing to the trees as well as any changes he made once he was up in the tree. The other members of the crew (Syd and Pete, I can’t remember the others) were professional and friendly. They cleaned everything up and were open to any suggestions we had regarding disposal of the wood. I would highly recommend this company. We will be having them back again to do more work, in the fall.
Leaside neighbours take note!! Exceptional and professional service from start to finish. The team at Vista Tree Management responded to an urgent and critical situation. They were efficient, skilled and courteous. They handled the tree removal with precision and left our backyard immaculate. I highly recommend this team for your tree removal needs. They beat the competition by $1000+
James and his team did a great job pruning and trimming our old silver maple. James answered all my questions, provided expert advice and had his team do the work shortly after. The workers were professional, cleaned the space well, and were really efficient. Would definitely recommend Vista Tree management!
James was great! Very professional and you can definitely tell he knows what he’s talking about. They provided a quote in a timely manner booked us in for the tree pruning within a few days afterwards. The job was done quickly, professionally and the crew was friendly and polite. They cleaned up everything once the work was completed. Highly recommend!
Safe, fast, personable team - did a great job with tree trimming and removal! Note: the removal of a tree was not on the original scope and they still made it happen!
By the end of the day, I wouldn’t have even known they were there.
Very Happy with the professional advice and service we received from Vista which was promptly done. The follow-up to ensure we were happy with the work was appreciated.
Highly recommend! Michal came by first to take a look at things and provide the estimate. He’s obviously passionate about what he does and I learned a ton about my tree that I had no idea about! He gave me the confidence I needed to schedule the work. James and the “J-Crew” arrived on the scheduled day and were super friendly. The team did an amazing job with trimming my large overgrown maple and a fantastic cleanup job. My yard looked better than before they arrived. Will definitely have them back for future maintenance! Thanks Vista!
Great service from a great crew of people! The team was amazing from consulting on best ways to tackle the project, safely removing the trees and making sure the job was done to satisfaction. Would highly recommend and definitely use them again.
These guys are incredibly professional and by far the best arborist that have visited our home. And we've had many!

What impressed me the most was throughout their only concern was safety for my family and our property. With that and that only in mind they made all the cuts and changes that were required. When they left, I felt the most relief I felt about the trees in our backyard in a long time.

Truly appreciate your hard work and will highly recommend you in the future!
After doing a fair bit of research into Toronto-based arborists, we decided to go with Vista, and are very happy we did! From my first meeting with Mike when he came to give us a free quote, I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Mike and his crew were punctual on the day they came to prune the deadwood from our very large Red Oak tree, answered my questions, and worked for 7 hours straight to get the job done. We were impressed from beginning to end, and wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again!
These guys are the best! Very professional, easy to work with and very nice people.
James was amazing in communication and and arranging everything. He is a wonderful person and professional. I had 4 different companies for the quotes and Vista Tree were the best by every criteria I had in mind. After the work was done they cleaned the whole territory even the mess that was here before them. I would definitely recommend them and will call them again when I need any tree work done. Thanks!

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