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Tree Service Prices in Toronto

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Tree Service Prices in Toronto

Tree Service Prices in Toronto
Tree Care Prices in Toronto

The Cost of Tree Services in Toronto – Price Guide

Tree service prices can be impacted by a variety of factors, making it difficult to estimate the final cost online without knowing anything about your project. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various aspects affecting tree removal and maintenance expenses for homeowners in Toronto.

The biggest thing you’re going to find searching for tree service prices and costs is a lot of highly specific answers that, frankly, aren’t true. It’s extremely frustrating for buyers to try to find a company that answers the question, What does tree care cost?

We have more specific price guides for tree services:

Before you start, if you’re looking for our price range for tree services, it starts at $350 + tax. Beyond that, there are general ranges and averages that we get into in all the separate price guides.

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Affordable Excellence

At Vista Tree, we’re committed to providing exceptional value to our clients.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our tree services are tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We provide options for tree care customized to your budget and discerning tastes.

How this Tree Cost Price Guide is… Different

If you’re looking at something like the Homestars or Bob Villa’s tree pruning price guide, you’re getting a computer generated answer that has no real parallel to the cost of tree services in Toronto. If you’re looking at pages from other tree companies that are old, these are answers that are a bit out of date – but at least they were local, and tried to answer.

If it was easy to price trees and let people know the costs online, everyone would. It’s not.

For companies, no one wants to over promise and under deliver. While a lot of different pricing technology has evolved in other areas of home service like roofing, window washing or construction, trees have eluded developers because they’re not easy to measure or get a good perspective on. This means we still go out in the “old school” way to give free quotes for tree work in person.

Why we Discuss Factors in Tree Costs and Pricing

Our pricing guide for tree services is going to talk a lot about “factors” and “issues” because there is a huge variation in the size, location and difficulty of the trees we work on. This makes it very difficult to give absolute costs.

There are commonalties, though. The better you understand some of the major points impacting price, the better any tree company is going to be able to serve you because you’ll have clear expectations and know what you need. That means you’ll be able to hone in on who is a good fit.

And here’s the best part: it doesn’t have to be us. This guide is about tree service prices generally, and it’s written by us (actual humans in Toronto, Certified Arborists!) for you. You can call us up, we’ll say the same thing because these are fundamental aspects of tree care that impact job scope, price and complexity.

Factors Affecting Tree Service Prices in Toronto

Generally, the biggest factors affecting price are going to be:

  • How big it is (width, height, length)
  • How easy the tree or hedge is to get to
  • How dangerous the job is
  • How much additional liability there is
  • Timing of the job
  • The disposal costs of the wood
  • Neighbour or site problems that impact efficiency
  • Other points of friction
  • Controversy or legal issues

Tree service costs may be impacted by multiple components, such as the type and size of tree, location, seasonality and services requested. Homeowners in Toronto may pay a range of costs, averaging from $350+tax to $1800+tax for removing small trees. These prices reflect the fact there are no city tree permit fees or arborist reports required, and are only average ranges.

Large tree removal costs will be at least $1200+tax, because you’ll have to factor in the City of Toronto permit fees, arborist reports and replanting which will cost you approximately $700-$1200 before the price of removing the large tree is factored in.

Tree service company in toronto with toronto arborist walking infant of truck and chipper before providing quote for tree care cost

Ask Reputable Companies

There are some websites out there suggesting that you could pay as little as 00 for a large tree to be removed in Toronto. This is highly unlikely. Removing big trees is very labour intensive, dangerous and has high material costs for disposal.

If you are given that low a price for large tree removal or other big tree care jobs, check to make sure the company has insurance, experience and will be removing the wood. Ultra low costs are a red flag for a fly by night operation.

Size and Type of Tree Affecting Costs

  • Bigger isn’t always better: Removing larger trees like redwoods or maple trees require more labor and equipment than smaller ones like Italian Cypress, which can impact the cost of the service.

Location Considerations Impacting Price

  • Proximity to buildings or power lines: Trees located near buildings or power lines might require specialized equipment or extra precautions during removal, which can increase the cost of the service.

Seasonal Fluctuations in Pricing

  • Off-peak discounts: Some tree service companies, like Vista Tree Management, offer discounts during off-peak seasons when demand is lower, which can help homeowners save money.

Maintaining your property’s curb appeal doesn’t have to break the bank; understanding these factors will help you negotiate better deals with your chosen tree removal company. Don’t wait until you have an emergency tree removal situation on your hands; take care of small trees and dead branches before they become a larger landscaping project. And if you’re dealing with leaning trees or a stubborn tree stump, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals.

Let Us Solve Your Tree Problems

Additional Fees for Debris Removal & Stump Grinding

When hiring a tree removal company, it’s essential to consider the extra costs involved in cleaning up after the job. These additional fees can include debris removal and stump grinding, which are often not included in the initial quote.

  • Hauling away debris fees explained: After your tree has been removed, there will likely be branches, leaves, and other waste left behind. The cost of hauling away this debris typically ranges from $100 to $400 depending on the size of your tree and amount of waste generated.
  • Costs associated with stump grinding: If you choose to have the remaining tree stump ground down during a larger landscaping project, expect to pay between $200 and $760. Factors affecting this price include tree size, type (e.g., maple trees), location (i.e., accessibility), and whether any roots need removing as well.

Don’t forget, if you’re dealing with leaning trees or dead branches, you may need emergency tree removal services. It’s possible to save some cash if you’re only dealing with small trees, as they may be able to be taken down by yourself.

Disposal Regulations

It’s important to note that different states may have varying requirements regarding debris disposal methods. Make sure you’re aware of local regulations before starting your project. Check out EPA’s website for more information on environmental regulations.

Importance of Regular Tree Maintenance

Regular maintenance, like trimming, not only keeps your trees healthy but also saves money by preventing more costly issues down the line. The best time for trimming protected species is usually towards the end of winter before early spring when they are dormant. Trimming during the dormant season is ideal for reducing stress on the tree and allowing it to recover prior to new growth.

Pruning vs Cutting Back Branches

Pruning involves selectively removing branches to improve tree health and structure, whereas cutting back focuses on reducing overall size or height. Learn more about these techniques from this tree pruning guide.

Timing Your Trimmings Effectively

To avoid causing unnecessary damage or stress to your trees, it’s essential to know when each type should be trimmed. For instance, maple trees require different timing than oak trees due to their unique growth patterns and sap flow rates. Check out this comprehensive guide on when to prune various tree types.

  • Tree Removal: Sometimes, tree removal is necessary for safety reasons or to make room for a larger landscaping project. If you need a tree removal company, make sure to choose one that is licensed and insured.
  • Emergency Tree Removal: If you have a leaning tree or dead branches that pose an immediate threat, don’t hesitate to call for emergency tree removal services.
  • Consider Tree Size: When planting new trees, consider the size they will grow to be and make sure they have enough space to thrive without interfering with power lines or other structures.
  • Dealing with Tree Stumps: Removing a tree stump can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Consider hiring a professional to handle it for you.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Arborists Over DIY Approaches

While some homeowners may be tempted by the potential savings of DIY tree care, hiring a certified arborist ensures long-term benefits and continued value enhancement through proper care and management techniques.

Tree doctor company truck toronto arborist service vista tree management

Expertise provided by certified arborists

Certified arborists possess extensive knowledge about tree biology, diseases, pests, and proper pruning techniques. This expertise allows them to identify potential issues early on and recommend appropriate solutions that can save you money in the long run. Additionally, they are trained in safety procedures for tasks like tree removal, reducing risks associated with accidents or damage to your property.

Long-term benefits of professional tree care

  • Maintaining tree health: Regular maintenance performed by an expert helps keep trees healthy and strong, preventing costly problems such as dead branches or leaning trees.
  • Promoting growth: Proper pruning encourages new growth while maintaining the structural integrity of your trees. Small trees require regular pruning to reach their full potential and blend in with the larger landscaping project.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Professional landscaping services enhance your home’s curb appeal through well-maintained trees that complement your overall landscaping project. This is especially important for larger landscaping projects that require a cohesive look.
  • Emergency tree removal: In the event of an emergency, such as a fallen tree or a tree that poses a safety hazard, a certified arborist can provide prompt and safe tree removal services.

Don’t risk damaging your property or injuring yourself by attempting DIY tree care. Instead, trust the experts at a reputable tree removal company to provide the care and attention your trees deserve.

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Vista Tree Management focuses on one thing: tree care excellence.

There’s no other company with “tree management” in the title — we’re passionate but also precise. We approach trees and tree work with an eye to total project management which allows us to carefully shape every stage of the process, whether that’s coordinating with multiple contractors for development or simply arranging for your neighbour to move their car.

Vista Tree provides full tree and shrub removal services in Toronto by professional arborists. We work with homeowners and businesses to remove unsafe trees, take out trees for construction, emergency tree removal and more.

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Tree Removal Costs for Specific Types & Sizes

Size is a significant factor in determining the cost of removing trees. For instance, Italian Cypress can grow up to 50 feet high, making them more expensive to remove than smaller trees. The health and structural stability of the tree also affect the price, especially in emergency situations where immediate action is necessary due to safety concerns posed by failing limbs or weakened trunk support.

Maple Tree Removal Pricing

Maple trees vary greatly in size but generally cost between $350-$2700+ for removal. Factors affecting the price include tree size (smaller maples may only be around 30 feet while larger ones can exceed 100), proximity to structures or power lines, and whether it’s part of a larger landscaping project. If you’re looking to grow maple trees, check out this guide for tips.

Offsetting Costs with Repurposing Debris & DIY Work

One way to offset costs is by repurposing the debris from a healthy tree removal into wood chips for use in landscaping projects. Wood chips can be an excellent addition to your garden, providing nutrients and helping retain moisture. Additionally, homeowners can save money on leaning trees by doing some of the work themselves, such as cutting back low-hanging branches.

Utilizing wood chips for landscaping purposes

  • Mulch: Use wood chips as mulch around plants and shrubs to help conserve water and suppress weeds.
  • Erosion control: Spread them over sloped areas or near drainage channels to prevent soil erosion during heavy rainfall.
  • Natural pathways: Create attractive walkways through your yard using wood chip paths instead of more expensive materials like gravel or pavers.

Cutting back low-hanging branches yourself

If you’re comfortable working with tools like pruning shears or a pole saw, trimming small trees and removing dead branches can be done without hiring a professional tree removal company. However, always prioritize safety when performing any DIY work on your property – wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles, avoid working near power lines or during inclement weather conditions, and never attempt tasks beyond your skill level. It’s wiser to take precautions than suffer the consequences.

Negotiating Better Deals with Tree Service Providers

As a savvy homeowner in Toronto, you can save big on tree removal costs by negotiating better deals with your chosen tree removal company. One effective strategy is to ask for reduced rates during the off-season when demand for services is lower. By negotiating during the off-season when demand is lower, homeowners in Toronto may be able to score great savings on tree removal costs – particularly if multiple trees require attention.

Off-season Discounts Opportunities

Tree service providers may offer discounts during winter months or other periods of low demand. By scheduling your emergency tree removal or regular maintenance during these times, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars. Check out Toronto’s yard waste collection schedule to help you plan accordingly.

Multi-tree Job Cost Reductions

  • If you have several small trees or a larger landscaping project that requires the removal of multiple trees, consider bundling these jobs together and requesting a bulk discount from your contractor.
  • You can also discuss specific job details beforehand and offer to do some work yourself (e.g., cutting back dead branches) to reduce labor costs and ensure an accurate estimate for services rendered.

Remember, tree size and condition can also affect the cost of removal. For example, maple trees or leaning trees may require more specialized equipment and expertise, which can increase the overall cost. However, by being proactive and negotiating with your tree service provider, you can save money and ensure your trees are properly maintained.

FAQs in Relation to Tree Service Prices

What’s the cost of removing a tree in Toronto?

The cost of tree removal varies depending on location, size, and complexity, with prices in Toronto ranging from $550 to $2,700+; for a more accurate estimate, consult with a certified arborist.

Why is tree cutting so expensive?

Factors such as size, location accessibility, and potential hazards influence tree cutting costs, and professional services require specialized equipment and skilled labor for safe execution.

What’s the price to top a tree?

Topping trees is not recommended as it causes long-term damage that may lead to increased maintenance costs or premature death.


Homeowners in Toronto seeking tree services should consider factors such as tree size, type, location, and season when determining costs. Regular maintenance, including trimming during late winter or early spring, can save money in the long run, especially for protected species trees. While hiring a certified arborist may be more expensive upfront, their expertise can ultimately save time and money.

Homeowners can also negotiate lower prices or repurpose debris into wood chips to offset costs. It’s important to note that additional expenses, such as debris removal and stump grinding fees, may apply, and state regulations should be considered. For more information on tree care, check out these credible sources: City of Toronto Tree Maintenance and International Society of Arboriculture Find an Arborist.

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Vista Tree Management is the top Toronto tree service, delivering exceptional work by Certified Arborists. We don’t just care for trees, we manage them to make nature work for you – whatever your vision.

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Vista is an excellent company to deal with. The owners went above and beyond expectations to help deal with a unique situation. The guys who did the work were not only professional but also very polite. I will be using them again to help with other work in the future.
We are very happy with all the work Vista Tree Management accomplished on our property.  James was very professional and gave us excellent advice concerning the trimming of our 12 foot cedar hedges and the pruning of our mature silver maple trees.  The crew was very friendly and hard working, they did a tremendous job on the work required and they did an excellent job with the clean up.  We would highly recommend Vista Tree services to our family and friends.  We will definitely use them again for all of our future projects.
John & Sonja
They just did my front lawn, and boy, did they leave a lasting impression!

They were straightforward with the plan - clear and precise, ensuring that I was well informed of the process and outcome. The execution was meticulous and exceeded my expectations. Moreover, the cleanliness post-service was remarkable, leaving no trace of debris or disruption.

They were on time and was the epitome of friendly and cheerful—felt like I had friends over for a garden party!

Overall, their service was excellent at every stage. The inquiry, consultation, customer support, day-of service, follow-up, and payment process were all seamless.

I had peace of mind and very happy with Vista. I highly recommend them to those in need of reliable and thorough tree management service.
I can’t say enough positive comment about James and Vista Tree. We were “ghosted” by 2 other tree management companies last fall. James came by and provided separate quotes for two very large trees on our property, both of which were a challenge to severely prune. They were a hazard and had to be addressed. The quotes were delivered the next day after assessment. The team was here on two separate days (April 30 and May 7). They were efficient, professional and most importantly safe. Hollis, the arborist who climbed the trees was friendly and communicated everything he was doing to the trees as well as any changes he made once he was up in the tree. The other members of the crew (Syd and Pete, I can’t remember the others) were professional and friendly. They cleaned everything up and were open to any suggestions we had regarding disposal of the wood. I would highly recommend this company. We will be having them back again to do more work, in the fall.
Leaside neighbours take note!! Exceptional and professional service from start to finish. The team at Vista Tree Management responded to an urgent and critical situation. They were efficient, skilled and courteous. They handled the tree removal with precision and left our backyard immaculate. I highly recommend this team for your tree removal needs. They beat the competition by $1000+
James and his team did a great job pruning and trimming our old silver maple. James answered all my questions, provided expert advice and had his team do the work shortly after. The workers were professional, cleaned the space well, and were really efficient. Would definitely recommend Vista Tree management!
James was great! Very professional and you can definitely tell he knows what he’s talking about. They provided a quote in a timely manner booked us in for the tree pruning within a few days afterwards. The job was done quickly, professionally and the crew was friendly and polite. They cleaned up everything once the work was completed. Highly recommend!
Safe, fast, personable team - did a great job with tree trimming and removal! Note: the removal of a tree was not on the original scope and they still made it happen!
By the end of the day, I wouldn’t have even known they were there.
Very Happy with the professional advice and service we received from Vista which was promptly done. The follow-up to ensure we were happy with the work was appreciated.
Highly recommend! Michal came by first to take a look at things and provide the estimate. He’s obviously passionate about what he does and I learned a ton about my tree that I had no idea about! He gave me the confidence I needed to schedule the work. James and the “J-Crew” arrived on the scheduled day and were super friendly. The team did an amazing job with trimming my large overgrown maple and a fantastic cleanup job. My yard looked better than before they arrived. Will definitely have them back for future maintenance! Thanks Vista!
Great service from a great crew of people! The team was amazing from consulting on best ways to tackle the project, safely removing the trees and making sure the job was done to satisfaction. Would highly recommend and definitely use them again.
These guys are incredibly professional and by far the best arborist that have visited our home. And we've had many!

What impressed me the most was throughout their only concern was safety for my family and our property. With that and that only in mind they made all the cuts and changes that were required. When they left, I felt the most relief I felt about the trees in our backyard in a long time.

Truly appreciate your hard work and will highly recommend you in the future!
After doing a fair bit of research into Toronto-based arborists, we decided to go with Vista, and are very happy we did! From my first meeting with Mike when he came to give us a free quote, I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Mike and his crew were punctual on the day they came to prune the deadwood from our very large Red Oak tree, answered my questions, and worked for 7 hours straight to get the job done. We were impressed from beginning to end, and wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again!
These guys are the best! Very professional, easy to work with and very nice people.
James was amazing in communication and and arranging everything. He is a wonderful person and professional. I had 4 different companies for the quotes and Vista Tree were the best by every criteria I had in mind. After the work was done they cleaned the whole territory even the mess that was here before them. I would definitely recommend them and will call them again when I need any tree work done. Thanks!

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