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Condo tree maintenance Photo Scott Webb Pexels
Plant Healthcare

Why Condo Tree Maintenance Is Essential

Do you manage condo tree maintenance in Toronto or the GTA? Typically, this job falls to the property manager, and trees can often fall by the wayside in managing a building. Unlike more seasonal elements like flower planting or snow clearing, or building utilities, property managers may be inclined to feel like trees can take care of themselves.

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removing dead branches from a tree in toronto by certified arborists
Dead Trees and Branches

Should You Cut Off Dead Branches From a Tree?

Should you cut dead branches from a tree? Homeowners in Toronto often ponder if they should prune or take out any dead tree limbs to keep their trees healthy and beautiful. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the importance of removing deadwood and the basics of when, why and how. With this

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Tree Pruning

How Much Does Tree Care Cost?

Price vs Cost in Tree Maintenance We’re often asked “How much does tree care cost?” for jobs. But it’s usually the wrong question. What most of our customers mean is “What’s the price of this job?” What is the cost of tree care? Taking care of your trees is an investment in your home, your

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Help! There Are Squirrels On My Roof!

Can an Arborist Keep Squirrels Off My Roof? Whether your preferred squirrels are black, grey, red, or none at all, no homeowner wants squirrels on their roof. Torontonians and squirrels have learned to (mostly) coexist, but squirrels on houses can still be a major irrititant for homeowners. If the sound of squirrels on the roof

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White picket fence with house behind neighbours tree
Neighbour Trees

Difficult People: Problems With a Neighbours’ Tree

What do I do about problems with a neighbour tree?  In the close quarters of many Toronto neighbourhoods, along with larger spaces in the city and in GTA suburbs, neighbourly disputes are common.  Everything from garbage bins to lawn maintenance to loud music can be a thing to argue about, and problems with a neighbour

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Honey locust tree branches on roof of Toronto house
Tree Pruning

What should I do about tree branches on the roof?

Tree branches can cause damage to homes A slowly creaking tree branch in the night: it could be the soundtrack to a horror movie, but instead it’s your bedroom, home office, or your child’s room. Tree branches on the house can be very annoying, and even scary. You may wonder, “Why is my tree always making

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Toronto COVID backyard reno with new patio furniture on deck and fire pit
Construction & Renovation

Are your trees ready for your backyard reno?

The COVID Backyard Renovation You’ve Been Dreaming of As we head into a second summer of pandemic with coronavirus case counts still at record levels in Ontario, many people are making plans to improve their outdoor space with a COVID Backyard Reno. Having friends and family over safely outside is something to look forward to

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