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What does tree care cost?

No matter how big or small the project, knowing what it will cost is key. It’s impossible to assess different estimates and offers without understanding a bit about the work you’re trying to buy, and the factors that might increase or decrease the cost. On this page, we’ll discuss the general factors that affect the price of tree care in Toronto and some options to reduce overall costs from any professional tree care company. 

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Below, you’ll find general information and FAQs about the cost of tree services like removal, hedge trimming and pruning.

You can also read about our Fair Price Guarantee.

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Basic Tree Price FAQs

Every job is very different, so we’ve broken our average range out into various service areas.  Smaller, easier jobs are less costly than complicated, large jobs and before we see the work it can be very hard to provide an accurate range. What looks big to you might be small to us – what might seem easy may be more technical than it appears. That’s why we provide free tree care estimates, to get everyone on the same page.

Our highest single bill to date was $89,000 for a very large commercial job across a number of weeks – not your average tree pruning or removal! Our smallest bill is our work visit minimum, $350 plus tax. If you request a quote, we can schedule a convenient time to give an estimate on your tree care project.

The vast majority of our tree pruning falls in the range of $350 – $3500 + tax for pruning, trimming and general tree care that does not involve storm damage or highly hazardous trees

To get a better understanding of what we might price for your tree project, you can read about different types of pruning and cost factors on our tree pruning prices page – coming soon!

We define “small trees” as trees that do not require a permit in the City of Toronto. This means that trees with trunks under 30cm diameter at breast height – roughly the thickness of a telephone pole at your chest level. These trees can still be quite large, ranging from 5ft to 50ft on average depending upon the species. 

A tiny tree like a sapling or one you could wrap your hand/fingers around is going to be closer to our minimum visit fee. The larger a tree gets or the harder it is to access and remove will increase the costs, as it will take more time and the cost of disposing of the tree will increase by weight.

You can read all about different types of small tree removal scenarios and some of the factors that affect the price of removing a small tree here.

By now you’ve probably seen many of our answers are along the line of “it depends”. You can jump right to questions about the cost of removing big trees to get more specific answers. 

We define “large trees” as those requiring a permit in the City of Toronto – no matter where we are doing the work. This means trees that are over 30cm diameter at breast height, which means their trunk is bigger than a telephone pole at chest level. 

The biggest fixed cost for removing big trees is the cost for application fees, arborist reports and replanting or “payments in lieu.” A breakdown of those fees is available on our page for big tree removal costs.

Hedge trimming and hedge repair is one of our favourite tree care services. We can improve the appearance, shape and health of your cedar hedges, boxwood, yew beech and more! We maintain existing hedges and expertly treat damaged hedges and shrubs.

Like every other tree service we offer, our hedge trimming starts at $350+tax per visit. Sometimes that is all we charge, and sometimes it is more.

Check out our section on the cost of hedge care for a better understanding of the particular prices

Our base fee for a regular arborist report is $330+tax, which includes up to 3 trees on a site. Ravine and construction applications depend on the number of trees needing to be removed and surveyed.

We provide certified arborist reports for tree permits written by a Board Certified Master Arborist and leading municipal expert. Our turn around time is roughly 24-72 hours for a regular arborist report for tree removal, and our application success rate is 98%. Residential, commercial and ravine arborist reports available. You can learn more about when you need an arborist report for your project.

The city charges $132 for a single tree removal application, double that if it is a “shared tree” with a neighbour or an application for removal associated with construction. There are a variety of different prices for tree permits and arborist reports of different types, depending on your tree removal needs.

The city also charges $585 for a payment in lieu if another tree is not planted in replacement. The exact species, size and placement of the tree are dependent on the city, not the homeowner. 

Yes and no. We are not the cheapest option in Toronto, but we are not the most expensive. We fall in the medium to medium high range for price, and are at the top end for service delivery.

What we provide is the friendly, attentive and science-backed approach many companies lack. It means going to extra mile to accommodate requests from clients, staying up to date on the latest science and offering more customized solutions. We have deep knowledge and very high quality standards. Though we have multiple crews, we ensure all of our jobs are supervised by our top management. This keeps us  at a good balance: big enough to handle the toughest problems, small enough to oversee every detail.

This type of care requires better training, more equipment, and the best employees to deliver. It requires extensive insurance, and a commitment to customer service. Our prices reflect that.

Get to know more about our pricing for tree services vs. our competitors, or check out the top 5 arborist companies in Toronto, or other local tree care companies. We’re not shy about discussing our competition, prices, or our place in the market. If we’re a good fit, we’d love to work with you. If we’re not – great! There will be another tree care company out there for you.

No. Leaving aside the law for a moment, the problem with cash jobs is that they have to be handshake agreements as you wouldn’t want a document showing you didn’t pay taxes.

With no written agreement, holding people or companies accountable can be very tough or impossible. Small disagreements about scope of work can become bigger, or worse, there could be serious issues for insurance is something goes wrong on a job that “doesn’t exist”. We have written contracts to ensure everyone is protected – our clients, their neighbours, our workers, our company. 

When you buy groceries, get a haircut or buy a car you pay taxes. Tree work is no different.

We hope to have a page up shortly to discuss all the best ways to save on tree care costs, but we haven’t finished it yet. 

You can try, but we won’t be able to assist you. Try out our other (totally legal!) options to reduce the cost of tree removal and other work.

It can be tough to balance individual rights with collective responsibilities. The City of Toronto and other municipalities have restricted tree removal because the loss of tree coverage has a big impact on everyone. For you, it’s your tree on your property. Everyday, though, trees are cut down legally and illegally, reducing the canopy coverage of every city and every province. Trees in cities are hard to grow, and most won’t make it due to the very challenging conditions and ongoing development over decades. 

Loss of tree coverage now has a direct correlation with increasing heat in your neighbourhood, the cleanliness of the air and the filtration of water.

The fines for illegal tree removal or injury are also significant for everyone involved. We have an established relationship with the city that enables us to do our work, and we are unwilling to risk it or our business by engaging in improper work.

If you’re looking to save money on tree remove or tree pruning, we’ll have a page up soon on the best ways to do this.

Tree Pricing, Simplified.

You’ve probably gone through a range of different websites trying to get a rough idea on the price of tree services. Some sites will get your hopes up with specific (often low) numbers, others won’t mention it at all hoping you won’t notice.

We want to give you the skills required to assess arborist quotes from tree companies, understand the factors affecting cost and get an idea of our pricing. These are some common questions with more general answers, you can get more detailed information on our individual pricing pages. 

If you’re looking to know about what we do, click here for all of our tree care services!

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