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Stump Removal

Removing Stumps in Toronto

What should I do with my tree stump?

Your tree has been removed, and — now what? You’re left with an unsightly tree stump directly at tripping height. How do you get rid of the stump?

Stump removal is a more involved process requiring special equipment. Many of the traditional ways of removing a stump, such as digging it out, burning, or chemical treatments, are labour-intensive and potentially dangerous.

Stump grinding is the most efficient and painless removal method. An arborist will bring in a specialized stump grinder to grind down what’s left of the stump. A stump grinder is a powerful machine that chews up the stump left in the ground, chipping it away. Grinding works for large or small stumps. The stump is typically ground away to a depth of 25 cm or 10 inches.


Stump grinder rental is an option, but they are heavy equipment and require the knowledge to operate them safely. For the average homeowner, it’s safest, and often comparable in price, to leave this job to professionals. You’ll also need a truck or other vehicle to move this heavy piece of equipment if your rental shop doesn’t deliver.

What happens to the tree roots?

The top section of the stump is typically removed with a chainsaw, and the remainder of the stump is ground down to woodchips with the grinder. Your arborist will clear the residue. The area can then be laid with sod or reseeded.

The remaining roots underground will decay over time, though this can take several years.

Keeping your stumps intact tends to be an eyesore, but beyond that, you risk damage to your lawnmower, sprained ankles, and providing a welcoming home to neighbourhood pests like wasps or termites. It will also keep you from planting a new tree, seeding grass or planting another small plant in the space.

If you’re ready to say farewell to your stumps, contact us for Toronto stump removal today!

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