Arborist Reports in Toronto

Arborist Reports

Toronto Arborist Reports

Planning new construction or renos?

If you’re planning construction, whether it’s a new home, addition, new deck, or pool, you’ll need a construction arborist report if there are trees that may be affected by your construction. Whether you’re looking to remove trees, construction will be in the immediate area, or construction materials or equipment will be stored by or moved around your trees, a plan for protection or replanting is necessary.

An arborist can help you with a report outlining how your trees may be affected by the new construction and create a plan to protect trees on the property during construction.

Not removing or building? Arborist reports can also be helpful in planning planting and landscaping, or when selling or buying a home to assess the state of any trees on the property.

Looking to remove a tree?

When you’re looking to remove a tree, an arborist report is needed for trees over a certain size. For locations in Toronto, that size is a diameter of 30 cm or more for trees on private property. Different GTA municipalities have slightly varying restrictions. When you apply to the municipality to remove a tree, an arborist report needs to be included with your application.

Not certain if your tree meets the size limits? An arborist can help you evaluate when they come to assess your tree. Typically, your arborist report and permit application fees are included as part of your removal cost.

Check out our two blog posts on arborist reports to learn more about when you might find a report necessary or helpful.

Arborist Report FAQs

  • Removing a tree due to disease or injury (over 30cm diameter in Toronto)
  • Removing a tree due to construction
  • Applying for a construction permit where trees on the property may be affected
  • When buying or selling a home, a report can give more information on the condition of trees on the property
  • When planning planting, landscaping, or other long-term changes on your property, a report can help guide your choices
  • Arborist report for tree removal
  • Arborist report for construction permits
  • Arborist reports for other purposes for owners, residents, or property managers, including buying or selling a property, planning, planting and landscaping

Each municipality in the GTA has slightly different guidelines on what size or condition of tree requires an arborist report for removal. We work across the Greater Toronto Area and are familiar with the varying restrictions. Your arborist will ensure your report and application permits are appropriate to your municipality, whether you live in Toronto, Oshawa, Mississauga, or another location.

Yes, all Vista Tree's arborist reports are supplied by an ISA certified arborist and accepted by all Ontario municipalities

Typically, if you are applying for a tree removal, your arborist report and permit application fees will be rolled into the cost you are quoted for the removal. If Vista Tree is not applying for a permit on your behalf, you can expect report prices to start at several hundred dollars depending on the complexity of the report and site.

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Let's get started!

With new construction cropping up all over the Toronto area, many homeowners and companies need arborist reports to get their projects underway! Talk to us today about how we can help you with a certified arborist report for your property.

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