Tree Care Services

Vista Tree Management is a professional tree care service company. We serve Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga and surrounding GTA communties with pride. Our business is centered around engaging our clients and building relationships through exceptional service and value. While we work on trees, we care for homes and families by making your property a safer, more enjoyable place to live. Vista Tree offers a full range of tree care and tree services, with a special focus on our expertise in tree pruning and tree removal.

Arborist in Scarborough trimming tree after storm damage

Vista Tree Management provides tree pruning services through the GTA. We offer exceptional service at competitive prices, and provide our clients with safe, efficient and fully insured service. Healthy, safe and beautiful trees are our passion.

Tree being removed with side cut and two spray painted dots appearing like a face

When your trees need to come out, our Certified Arborists will work with you to make sure it happens in the most cost-effective and safest way possible, including writing and submitting complex tree removal permit applications on your behalf.


After a storm, you need fast, efficient service for storm damage tree cleanup, tree removal and clearance. Clearing up small, loose branches or leaves on the ground is safe. But for any bigger jobs, it’s best to have a tree care professional look after it.


Plant Health Care

Cutting branches and limbs isn’t always the answer. Aphids, gypsy moths and other pests or diseases might be your problem! Our licensed pesticide exterminators and Certified Arborists can help. Get a free consultation today.


If you’re looking to remove a tree, need an arborist report before you buy a home or for any other reason, Vista Tree Management can help. Our Certified Arborists can assess the situation and provide a professional, written report.

stump-grinding-service-in-progress-non-retina (2)

After your tree has come out, there is still a lot left over. That’s where stump grinding comes in. This machine can grind down any remaining stump in minutes rather than the years it may take it decompose.


Sometimes trees with structural issues can be preserved by the installation of cables and braces. These can help support the tree, particularly in the case of splitting and cracking. Find out if your tree is a good candidate for a cable or brace.


And much more...

Trees are complex and no list of services could adequately cover the myriad situations that may arise in the life of an urban tree. From soil issues to construction projects, diseases to unknown damage – we can help. We manage tree problems and offer workable solutions.

Years Experience

Years of training and tree work to take your project to completion.

Precise Work

We have the skill, technique and equipment required for urban tree care.

Passion for Trees

Our knowledge and respect for nature show in how we treat your trees and plants.

Exceptionally Tidy

We leave your property looking clean and neat so you can get back to enjoying it.

“Michal was so knowledgable. We had a terrible moth infestation. He explained everything step by step, and offered us an affordable solution for the moths and pruning our tree.”

Margaret T* - Birch Cliff, Scarborough