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Tree Cabling and Bracing

Lens flare through tall maple Toronto tree cabling

Is your tree suffering from weak branches? With tree cabling and bracing, we may be able to save your tree!

Cabling can help support the affected branch. By installing a cable or brace, we can reduce the chances of failure or breakage in a branch, or support a tree already affected by damage.

Why Is Tree Cabling Needed?

Branches can grow too heavy for the tree’s trunk over time. Some trees have more than one trunk. In other cases, trees may have lost a structural branch in a storm or through other damage. In many of these cases, cabling helps stabilize the tree and redirect growth.

Tree bracing or cabling can also be used to support a tree in a busy area, such as a high-traffic sidewalk or pathway, and reduce the risk of limb failure. It also helps support trees during storms.

What Does Cabling Involve?

Cabling and bracing involves installing either flexible wire cables or rigid rods in the tree for support. The process does not hurt the tree. Cables are typically preferred, but braces can be used to support cabling.

Cables are installed high in the canopy at an inconspicuous location. Bracing shouldn’t affect the appearance of your tree, if this is a concern for you. When your tree is covered in leaves, the cables may not be visible at all.

After installation, cables need to be inspected regularly. The length of time they will last depends on the overall health of the tree and the initial reason for installing the cable.

Tree cabling in Toronto and the GTA can help support affected branches to keep the tree safe for people and objects below, and preserve the damaged or weak branch. Our arborists will evaluate your tree and determine the appropriate type of cable wire and cable locations before installation.

Does your tree need some extra support? Contact us today for a free consulation on cabling and bracing for your trees!