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When Do You Need a Tree Inspection Report? Part 2

Tree Inspection Reports, also called arborist reports, are made for many different reasons including tree removal, construction and safety concerns. In our post, When Do you Need an Arborist Report? Part 1, we discussed what goes into a tree inspection report, and how much they can cost. We also explained how arborists reports/tree inspection reports

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Arborist foot in ash tree
Construction & Renovation

When Do You Need An Arborist Report? Part 1

What are Some Reasons Your Property Needs a Certified Arborist Report? You may have heard the term “arborist report”, or been told you need one for some planned work. But what is an arborist report, and when do you need one? We’ll look at a few situations where you’ll require an arborist report. In some

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Honey locust tree branches on roof of Toronto house
Tree Pruning

What should I do about tree branches on the roof?

Tree branches can cause damage to homes A slowly creaking tree branch in the night: it could be the soundtrack to a horror movie, but instead it’s your bedroom, home office, or your child’s room. Tree branches on the house can be very annoying, and even scary. You may wonder, “Why is my tree always making

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Toronto COVID backyard reno with new patio furniture on deck and fire pit
Construction & Renovation

Are your trees ready for your backyard reno?

The COVID Backyard Renovation You’ve Been Dreaming of   As we head into a second summer of pandemic with coronavirus case counts still at record levels in Ontario, many people are making plans to improve their outdoor space with a COVID Backyard Reno. Having friends and family over safely outside is something to look forward

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Decaying tree stump removal
Tree Removal

Why Should I Bother With Tree Stump Removal?

Stump Grinding 101 So you’ve had a tree removed, or perhaps inherited a tree stump or several from a previous resident. Tree stump removal is an extra expense. Is it worth removing your stump? There are a few ways to get rid of a tree stump, but stump grinding is the method we recommend in

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