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Red fall leaves and bare branches on deciduous tree prepare trees for winter
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How to Prepare Your Trees and Garden for Winter

We may not all be ready to admit it, but winter is coming. Avid gardeners prepare their gardens for winter, but do you know how to prepare your trees and shrubs for winter? Just like us, trees are affected by cold temperatures too! When you’re clearing away dead plants in your flower or vegetable garden

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Two Vista arborists in PPE on the ground conducting west end Toronto tree removal
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What’s the Difference Between an Arborist and a Landscaper?

Arborist vs Landscaper: Are Arborists Landscapers? As a homeowner, you may wonder what the difference is between a landscaper and an arborist. Do they do the same thing? Can you call one person to manage all of your outdoor plant-related work? Though there is crossover, arborists are your tree doctors: the people to look to

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Condos downtown at night in Toronto with CN Tower in background condo trees
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Common Tree Myths for Condos in Toronto

With an ever-increasing number of Toronto residents living in condos, tree care for condos is a growing sector. Everyone from developers to residents to board members can have questions about what to do with condo trees. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest myths surrounding condo trees in the city. Trees Only Benefit

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Your Tree Resolutions for 2022

In early January, the only tree on your mind may be a drying-out Christmas tree and how long you’ll hold out before taking it down. But the beginning of the year is the perfect time to think about your outdoor trees and how you’ll care for them this year! 1. Get Your Tree Pruned You

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Tall trees on a Toronto street ready for tree fertilizer
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Why Use Natural Fertilizer

Most gardeners know that using fertilizer in your garden is necessary, but do you know that natural fertilizer can benefit your trees as well? Since trees can keep growing with poor or no maintenance, homeowners often don’t realize there’s a benefit to fertilizing trees too. Benefits of Natural Fertilizer If your tree is suffering from

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