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Plant Healthcare

Are you having problems with pests on your plants? Whether it’s trees or shrubs, we can offer effective plant healthcare treatments for common pests and plant species, from natural treatments to systemic insecticides.

Vista’s staff are experienced in plant healthcare treatments. We are licensed pesticide applicators in Ontario. Ontario regulates pesticide and insecticide use, and many treatments can only be performed by licensed individuals.

We’re knowledgeable about treatments, problems and your plants. Our process aims to use natural treatments where possible and minimize exposure to pesticides when they are needed. We work with the utmost care for your trees, garden, ecosystem, pets and human residents.

We also offer fertilizer service. Click here to learn more about our fall fertilizer!

If your trees or shrubs have a problem, or appear to be struggling, contact us to arrange an assessment. 

Gypsy Moth Treatment

This invasive species has expanded across Toronto and southern Ontario. Gypsy moths and caterpillars can cause serious damage to your trees. We can spray your trees with effective insecticides to control this moth around your property.

Aphid Treatment

Two ladybugs and a green aphid on a plant

Aphids are a common problem in gardens and on trees in southern Ontario. An aphid infestation that grows too large can cause damage to your plants and mess from aphid honeydew. We can treat aphid problems with systemic insecticide, as well as natural treatments from safe insecticidal soap and live ladybugs.

Boxwood Moth Treatment

Boxwood plant closeup

Boxwoods are a popular plant in Toronto and the GTA. But this shrub is susceptible to pests and disease, including boxwood moth. We can offer safe removal of infected plants, and treatment with a biological insecticide to control further infection. The box tree moth is especially common in areas close to the lake, from Etobicoke to the Scarborough Bluffs.

Tar Spot on Maple Leaves

Maple tar spot is a common infection on GTA maple trees. Even if you don’t have a maple tree, you’ve certainly seen maple leaves with black spots on them. Untreated tar spot can cause your tree to look unattractive and may spread to other maples.

Phytophthora Root Rot

Phytophthora is an emerging issue in Canada. This fungus-like condition causes roots and collars of trees to rot. It affects trees and plants including hemlock, dogwood, boxwood, beech, oak, and others. Left untreated, root rot will lead to the death of the plant.

Spider Mites

Spider mites can cause damage to cedar, juniper and cypress plants. Mites suck chlorophyll from the leaves, leaving the plant discoloured and branches to die off.

Other Issues

We can also treat problems with:

  • Leaf miner
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • And many more! 

Need help solving your plant issue? Contact us for an estimate and evaluation before the infestation gets worse!