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Our Values

Vista Tree Management was borne out of a desire to offer safe, affordable and professional tree services based on the latest scientific advances in the industry. It is a fine balance we have to strike, to offer excellent and affordable services to our clients, safe and dependable working conditions to our crews, as well as care for trees and the broader ecological and environmental concerns of the society we live in. When you meet us, you’ll understand how much we care about all three of these differing interests and take our responsibilities to our clients, employees and environment to heart.

To do ensure we can do this, we provide our employees a living wage in one of the most expensive cities in world, and use only the most rigourously tested equipment. We’re fully insured, and provide continuous professional development training to our staff to ensure they stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and training in the constantly changing world of arboriculture. Up in the tree and on the ground, we’re highlighters! Dressed all in blaze orange chainsaw protective gear from head to toe, we assess every job individually, price each job according to the particulars of the situation and circumstances and go the extra mile at every step.

We are a new company, but our commitment to community-building is a part of the core of who we are. When one values the community and people around oneself, it opens up a whole world of possibility. This is especially true when thinking about trees, the urban canopy, and the interconnected world of urban ecologies and environments. We may climb trees with chainsaws, get dirty and look tough but get us talking about the benefits of nature to families, wildlife, and the future of of trees in cities and you’ll see the hearts and minds behind the muscle!

Speaking of heart, here are a few of the organizations we have donated to in our first year of operations, where we have focused on issues related to COVID-19. These include retail, sports and activities for children, access to basics like food and supportive services. 

Kingston Road Business Improvement Association – $50

Provided for flower boxes to improve the Kingston Road median, home to many retail shops affected by COVID-19

The Bluffs Food Bank – $200

Provided to help fund a heavily utilized food bank to continue to provide services and offer protection to staff and volunteers serving their clients.

Community Family Services of Ontario – $200

CFSO is a Family Services not for profit offering services such as counselling, programming for individuals with disabilities and more to enable people to live “safely and in harmony.” 

Birchmount Bluffs Baseball League – $500

We sponsored a children’s baseball team, providing funding that enabled them to get outside and enjoy socializing and sport that kids have been sorely missing these long months of the pandemic.