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Fall Fertilizer Service

Get Your Trees Ready for Winter with Our Fall Fertilizer!

Fall fertilizer Toronto

It’s been a long summer. Are your trees ready for the coming season?

Vista Tree’s fall fertilizer service helps promote healthy growth in your trees for the next growing season. Fertilizer is an affordable way to maintain tree and shrub health on an ongoing basis.

Our Toronto fall fertilizer service is appropriate for all types of trees and for woody shrubs (such as boxwood, yew, cedar, viburnum, dogwood). We service locations through Toronto and the GTA.

Why tree fertilizer?

City soil can be hard on trees. In the wild, nutrients in soil are constantly replenished through decaying leaves and plants. Without this supply of nutrients, over time trees can become discoloured, grow slower or face increased stress. Grass or other plants growing under trees often do poorly because the tree uses up most available nutrients in the soil.

Regular tree fertilizer restores nutrients, promoting healthy growth. Fertilizing can make your trees greener and promote recovery from pests or other recent damage. We especially recommend it for trees and shrubs that suffered pest damage over the 2022 season.

We use an organically derived NPK fertilizer with biochar, which helps retain nutrients in the soil so that they stay accessible to plants. For more complex situations, we offer soil testing and can add amendments to fertilizer to optimize for your yard’s health.

How our tree fertilizer service works

When you request service from our fertilizer company, we’ll come assess your property with a site visit. Pricing is typically based on the property size. All trees and shrubs on a property are included in the package price.

After temperatures cool down in October and November, we’ll come fertilize your trees. We’ll aim to provide an approximate timeframe, but exact service dates will vary based on weather and location. We’ll knock on the door when we come, and will leave a notice that service has been completed if you’re not home at the time we arrive.

If we will need access through a locked gate or other secured area to fertilize your trees, please let us know at the time you book the service.


Please use our online booking form and select “Fertilizer” for service type and we’ll set up an assessment time!

We look forward to servicing your trees and shrubs this fall!